A business, entity or charity likely has quite a few things to be thankful for during the course of the year, but they cannot recognize the accomplishments of their friends and partners without award designs. This article explains how a custom design may be created for awards season, and the people who deserve to be lauded for their work will receive something they may proudly hang on the wall. Every organization is a bit different, but they all will find common ground in rewarding the best for their work.

#1: Standard Plaques

Standard plaques are available in a variety of styles and colors. Each plaque is designed with basic features that make it recognizable as an awards plaque, and the plates may be engraved with anything the buyer chooses. Even the most common designs may be customized using engraving on each metal plate.

#2: Creating A Custom Plaque

The plaques built for an organization may be built with a particular design in mind. The wood may be cut into any shape, and the design may be categorized in a circular or angular manner. The person who orders the plaque may choose a certain sort of beveling on the edges, and the plates may be brass or silver.

A custom plaque may be made from a polymer or stone that is cut to order, and the plaque is decorated with the same metal plates that are used on a wooden plaque. The design takes shape as the order is completed, and the design may feature insets or wood carving on the face of the plaque.

#3: How Are the Plates Engraved?

The plates may be engraved with anything the buyer chooses, and the plates may be returned for future engraving when needed. A yearly award may see the newest of the names engraved before it is hung on the wall, or a single engraving order is completed when the design is created.

The plates may be engraved in a number of different fonts, and the engraving may include any name or title that is required. Special engraving is completed using messages that were designed for the plaque, and someone who requires a large plaque with a quote or Bible verse may place the quote on a large metal plate.

#4: How Long Does Design and Engraving Take?

The design and engraving of a new piece takes quite a while given the custom nature of the work. The buyer may wait a couple weeks for the job to be done, but they will receive a polished plaque they may give to anyone. It is quite simple to order from the awards company, and they will offer a timeframe for completion of the work.

The order may be picked up or delivered to the buyer, and the design is reviewed with the customer before it is sent off. Every design is a special order that was created with the most-exacting specifications, and those specifications must be covered by the designer before they send it off.

#5: Why Order Custom Awards?

Custom awards are quite simple to order, and they may be built for every new accomplishment within a charity or company. Handing off the awards to another person will feel good because they receive something they may look at with pride for years to come. The custom award that is built for a special person lets them know they mean something to the organization.

Ordering from an awards company will result in a plaque that may hang on the wall or sit on the mantle. The finest designs are created with the best of intentions.